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 Butler - Character Bio

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Character Sheet
Name: Butler
Race: Human
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PostSubject: Butler - Character Bio   Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:28 pm

Characters Name
First Name: Domovoi
Second Name: Butler
Prefered name: Butler

Age: Unknown
Year: -

Hair Colour: Gray
Hair Style: Shaved
Hair Length: Short
Eye Colour: Dark Blue, Almost Black
Other: Domovoi Butlers Race Is A Human
Skin colour: Dark
Nationality: Eurasian
Height: Nearly 7ft
Build: Tall And Muscular

Top Half: A Black Or Gray Suit - Jacket
Bottom Half: Black Or Gray Trousers
Shoes: Black Shoes

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Sisters: Juliet
Granddad: Unknown
Grandmother: Unknown

Nice: If Artemis Likes The Person, Yes
Helping: To Artemis and Only Artemis
Understanding: To Artemis.
Giving: To Artemis
Mean: To Artemis's Enemy's.
Selfish: No.
Stubborn: No.
Big headed: No.
Snotty: Can Be
Sad: Never..

Character Preferancs
What are they best at: Being Artemis's Butler Or Killing People (For Artemis)
What are they worse at:
fears: Death and death of Artemis or failing in his job at protecting a fowl
Likes: Knowing That he is doing his job properly and that Artemis is safe.

Character type
Race: Human
Job: Artemis's Butler

Main Friends:


Boy friends: Artemis
Girl Friends: Juliet and Holly

Education: Was trained at Madame Ko's Bodyguard Academy

Personality: Loyal

Character History: Butler is the bodyguard and something of a close friend to Artemis Fowl II. He stands almost seven feet tall and according to the third book weighs about ninety kilos as he is described as a "ninety kilo dead weight." He probably has a body mass index of 20, would be considered desirable, and has "muscles like a Michelangelo statue". He was born on August 14 and is of Eurasian heritage. Butler is fluent in several languages other than English, including Russian, French and German. It is revealed in Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code that Butler had been trained in Switzerland and Palestine.

Butler is both highly trained and loyal, and has become a sort of a father/older brother figure to Artemis. Butler has been nearly killed twice, once in the first book being mauled in a battle with a troll (Butler is the only human known to ever take on a troll in combat and win) and again in the beginning of the third book (Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code) by taking a bullet meant to kill Artemis. In this book, as he is about to die, Butler reveals his first name to be Domovoi. Both times he is revived by Captain Holly Short's magic. However, the second healing required some of his own life force in addition to Captain Short's magic, and he awoke a few days later to be about fifteen years older. He became slightly too old for the bodyguard business, and due to Kevlar tissue that became woven into his chest during his healing, he could no longer breathe as easily as he used to. He is, however, able to withstand small-caliber bullets fired at his chest. Another side-effect of the second healing is that he will live much longer than the average human. At the end of the third book, he is given cosmetic surgery and dwarf fat implants to mask his aging before his memory is wiped by the fairies/LEP. He still remains Artemis' bodyguard and also a figure of wisdom and support.

He revealed his first name to Artemis when he believed he was about to die, revealing to the young genius two things: he had been named for a Slavic guardian spirit and that the academy Butler had trained at (Madame Ko's Bodyguard Academy) instructed their students never to reveal their first names to their charge ever - and, since Artemis knew his friend would never break this rule unless it no longer mattered - that he was saying good-bye. His name is used by Artemis to secretly prepare Butler himself to regain his memory of the fairies after his and Artemis' minds are wiped, as Butler needed concrete evidence from someone he trusted completely (Artemis) to effect total recall, although prior to recall, both of them were beginning to experience surfacing of residual memories.

Throughout the books, Butler has served as the most physical member of the team, particularly during the events of The Arctic Incident, when he single-handedly charged down a group of fairies and later broke through a door designed to withstand the impact of a rhinoceros. His tactical knowledge has also served an important use as his physical abilities declined after his near-death experience in The Eternity Code, although Artemis's wide breadth of knowledge means that he traditionally makes the final plans.
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Artemis Fowl II

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PostSubject: Re: Butler - Character Bio   Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:46 pm

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Butler - Character Bio
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