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 Minerva Paradizo

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Minerva Paradizo

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PostSubject: Minerva Paradizo   Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:13 am

Characters Name
First Name: Minerva
Second Name: Paradizo
Prefered name: Minerva

Age: 12
Year: private school

Hair Colour: Blonde.
Hair Style: wavy/curly
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: blue/green
Skin colour: slightly tanned.
Nationality: born in france. Of brazilian decent.

Height: Small-ish.
Build: Slim.

Top Half: White top with Blue jumper

Bottom Half: dark blue skirt
Shoes: black shoes

Father: Gaspard Paradizo.

Brothers: Beau Paradizo

Nice: Sometimes.
Helping: Not really.
Understanding: Occasionaly
Giving: Not really.

Mean: Sarcastic.
Selfish: Nearly all of the time.

Stubborn: Alot.
Big headed: sometimes
Snotty: Yes.
Sad: not really.

Character Preferancs
What are they best at: Annoying Artemis, Stealing other peoples work.
What are they worse at: Being nice?
fears: Father running off.
Likes: Out smarting people, being right.
Dislikes: Her mother, her brother at times.

Character type
Race: Human
Friends: Some, don't really have time to make friends.


Main Friends: Artemis, other girls whom she gets frustrated with but keeps them around.


Boy friends:
Girl Friends:

Education: IQ nearly like Artemis'

Personality: Very childish at times, stuck up, can be understanding, sarcastic (very).

Character History:
Minerva is a twelve-year-old girl, described with tight blonde corkscrew curls and glasses (although the glasses are only mentioned once, so it is possible that they are either reading glasses or sunglasses). She was born in Cagnes-sur-Mer, South of France, and her father Gaspard Paradizo is a fifty-two-year-old cosmetic surgeon of Brazilian descent. She also has a five-year-old brother, Beau Paradizo. Her mother, whose name is unknown left her family and ran off with the gardener about a year before the events in The Lost Colony. Although Minerva is only twelve, she has already completed High School and is currently studying for two long-distance learning degrees. She also won a national spelling bee at the age of four. She is a child prodigy with an IQ similar to that of Artemis Fowl II himself, though in Book 5 she is easily outwitted by Artemis due mainly to the superior technology and support he has available to him (as well as his extensive knowledge of fairies).
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PostSubject: Re: Minerva Paradizo   Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:13 pm

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Minerva Paradizo
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