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 Angeline Fowl

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Mrs Fowl

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Character Sheet
Name: Angeline Fowl
Race: Human
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PostSubject: Angeline Fowl   Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:06 pm

Characters Name
First Name: Angeline
Second Name: Fowl
Prefered name: Mrs Fowl

Age: Unknown
Year: -

Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Out
Hair Length: Short
Eye Colour: Blue
Other: Human
Skin colour: Pale
Nationality: British
Height: Short
Build: Skinny

Top Half: Dess
Bottom Half: Dress
Shoes: Black Shoes

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Sisters: Unkown
Grandad: Unknown
Grandmother: Unknown

Nice: Yes
Helping: Sometimes
Understanding: Sometimes
Giving: Sometimes
Mean: Sometimes
Selfish: No.
Stubborn: Sometimes
Big headed: No.
Snotty: No.
Sad: Yes

Character Preferancs
What are they best at: -
What are they worse at: -
Fears: Death of Artemis
Likes: Everything

Character type
Race: Human
Job: -

Main Friends:


Boy friends: -
Girl Friends: -

Education: -

Personality: Abnormal

She is Artemis Fowl II's mother. After Artemis's father, Artemis Fowl I
disappeared, Mrs. Fowl went into a depressed state, with the side
effects of a person who had a sudden halt in narcotics usage. She is
described as pretty in her normal state although in the first book she
is suffering from schizophrenia and apparent bipolar disorder,
suffering from hallucinations and delusions that caused her to think
her husband's suit was actually her husband, that Artemis was her
father and dress up in her wedding dress believing it to be the day she
was married. While she was suffering from her depression, she had an
aversion to Juliet Butler, to Artemis calling her "Mother" and to
light. At the end of the first book, Artemis Fowl gives half of the
ransom money from the fairies back to Captain Holly Short to pay for a wish that Holly would heal Mrs. Fowl back to sanity.

In The Opal Deception, Artemis has changed drastically in his
treatment of his mother. At the beginning of the series, he barely had
a relationship with her, while at the beginning of the fourth book, he
feels extreme guilt over lying to his mother in order to obtain a

Angeline Fowl has made appearances, however short, in the first four Artemis Fowl books. (She is only vaguely referred to in The Lost Colony).
It is also believed that while Artemis was in limbo in Book 5, Angeline
gave birth to twins. When Artemis was gone, Butler had to tell Angeline
Fowl and Artemis Fowl I everything about The People causing them to
start grieving over Artemis. Artemis makes them forget about fairies
and his disappearance by using the small amount of fairy magic he
acquired in the Time Tunnel.
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Artemis Fowl II

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Character Sheet
Name: Artemis Fowl The Second
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PostSubject: Re: Angeline Fowl   Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:24 pm


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Angeline Fowl
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