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 Artemis Fowl II

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Artemis Fowl II

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Character Sheet
Name: Artemis Fowl The Second
Race: Human
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PostSubject: Artemis Fowl II   Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:40 am

Characters Name
First Name:
Second Name: Fowl
Prefered name: Artemis

Year: private school/ boarding school

Hair Colour:
Raven Black
Hair Style: Slightly Messy
Hair Length: short
Eye Colour: deep blue
Other: eyes are deep and hollow, often mistaken for as a vampire
Skin colour: pale
Nationality: Irish
Height: avrage
Build: weak and slightly skinny

Top Half:
Bottom Half: black trousers
Shoes: black shoes

Angelina Fowl
Father: Artemis Fowl I

Has his Moments
Helping: Hardly
Understanding: Sometimes
Giving: Not Often
Mean: Sarcky at times
Selfish: All the time more or less
Stubborn: Has moments
Big headed: Most certainly
Snotty: Yes
Sad: not really

Character Preferancs
What are they best at:
Plotting masterful plans often exceeding, writting computer systems, forging painting, kidnapping other races, achiving goals
What are they worse at: showing emotion
Fathers dissapearencefears: Mothers Insanity,
Likes: Gold and Winning

Dislikes: Lollipops and loosing

Character type
Race: Human
Job: Criminal Mastermind
Friends: takes alot to become Artemis Friend but once your a friend of his your a friend for life

Main Friends: Holly, Butler, Juliet, Mulch, Foaly, Minerva


Boy friends:
Girl Friends:

IQ of 120 above avrage

Personality: a cold, calculating and cynical individual. He possesses a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and a ruthless, almost psychopathic nature

Character History:

The Fowl family is an Irish criminal family going back at least to the Norman Conquest, which has amassed a fabulous fortune through both legitimate and illegitimate means. These fortunes have been placed in danger by Artemis' father, Artemis Fowl I, who invested a huge amount of the Fowl fortune in founding new shipping lanes to the country of Russia, following the breakdown of communism there. Artemis Fowl I is injured and held hostage following an attempt on his life by the Russian Mafia.

Artemis, who was around eleven at the time his father disappeared, he decided to regain the Fowl fortune. Following leads on the Internet, Fowl discovers the existence of an underground world of fairies, and at the age twelve, he attempted to, and succeeds at stealing their gold.

at his young age, he 'discovered"' a lost Mozart opera, which, of course, he wrote himself. At the age of twelve, he showed signs of an intellect greater than that of any human since Mozart, having beaten the European chess champion Evan Kashoggi in an online tournament, patented over 27 inventions, won the architectural competition to design Dublin's new opera house, forged over a dozen Impressionist paintings, and written a computer program that diverted millions of dollars from various Swiss bank accounts to his own. As a criminal mastermind, he also forged and auctioned the Lost Diaries of Leonardo Da Vinci. He has also written articles on human psychology which were referred to by his own school counselor.

Despite all his intellect, Artemis seems to suffer from an almost complete lack of social skills. he isolates himself from his 'lesser-minded' peers as much as possible and prefers the company of Butler, who plays the role of Artemis' bodyguard and best friend. However, despite Artemis's anti-social nature, he has managed to make several new acquaintances during his various exploits, most notably the fairy Holly Short, centaur Foaly, and fairy Commander Julius Root. He also became friends with the young human Minerva Paradizo.

Other points are that he prefers wearing only designer suits, is ambidextrous (although his left hand has slightly greater precision), and that he has the 'highest tested IQ in Europe.' he displays the ability of absolute pitch. he enjoys caviar, Irish springwater, and Earl Grey tea. Badly tailored suits irk him, psychologists irritate him, he doesn't like lollipops, cracking knuckles is a habit he detests (although he cracked his knuckles while preparing to decode the fairy Book), and he suffers from a slight dust mite allergy.

His family motto is Aurum potestas est (Latin for "gold is power"), while his personal motto is "Know thine enemy."
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Character Sheet
Name: Butler
Race: Human
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PostSubject: Re: Artemis Fowl II   Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:49 am

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Artemis Fowl II
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