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 Opal Koboi

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Opal Koboi

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Location : Koboi Labs, Haven City
Job/hobbies : Bringing Down The LEP...
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Character Sheet
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PostSubject: Opal Koboi   Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:05 am

Character's Name
First Name: Opal.
Second Name: Koboi.
Prefered name: Miss Koboi. When That Doesn't Happen, Opal.

Age: Unknown.
Year: N/A.

Hair Colour: Blonde.
Hair Style: Long And Straight.
Hair Length: Waist-Length.
Eye Colour: Dark.
Skin colour:
Nationality/Race: Pixie.
Height: Under One Metre.
Build: Skinny.

Top Half: Cat-Suit.
Bottom Half: Cat-Suit.
Shoes: Prefers Bare Feet.

Mother: Unknown.
Father: Ferall Koboi.

Nice: Hardly.
Helping: Nope.
Understanding: Uh-Uh.
Giving: Only To Her Advantage.
Mean: Yes.
Selfish: Definitly.
Stubborn: Indeed...
Big headed: She's Got A Hight IQ, Wants To Rule The World...
Snotty: Sometimes.
Sad: When Her Plans Fail!

Character Preferances
What are they best at?: Plotting Evil Schemes, Carrying Them Out, Hating The LEP.
What are they worse at?: Having These Plans Suceed, Being Nice, Giving Away Money.
Fears: LEP Prison Cells...
Likes: Chocolate Truffles, Watching The LEP Suffer.

Character Type
Race: Pixie.
Job: Head Of Koboi Labratories.
Friends: Opal Doesn't Need Friends...

Main Friends:


Boy Friends:
Girl Friends:

Education: Opal was sent to Private School when she was younger, and her Father wanted her to complete a History of Arts degree. However, as soon as she had the oppertunity, she switched it for the Brotherhood of Engineers Masters.

Personality: Although she is tiny, Opal is never boring. Some say that she is a power-crazed megolomaniac with a personality disorder and an overgrown ego. She will not comment. She is full of evil plans; 'Delightfully evil', according to Briar Cudgeon, a past partner in crime, and she loved to see her enemies, usually the LEP, suffer as much as possible. She loves chocolate truffles and has the highest tested IQ, of over 300. She's one clever pixie...

Character History: Since the say she was born, nothing special had ever been expected of Opal Koboi. Her Father, Ferall Koboi, would have been quite happy if his daughter grew up to be pretty, quiet, complacent, attend Private School, complete some wishy-washy Arts degree and marry a suitable Vice-President.
However, Opal was walking unaided by ten months, had a vocabulary of over five hundred words by a year and a half and had dismantled her own hardrive at the age of two. She was going to be special.
Ferall lost count of the times he had sat his daughter down and advised her to leave business to the males.
But Opal turned down the Arts degree, favouring instead the male-dominated Brotherhood of Engineers Masters. No sooner was the scroll in her hand, she began to patent her inventions, including the Koboi blasters and the DoubleDex wing series.
She set up a shop in direct competition with her Father, and proceded to destroy his business. She then bought shares in it at rock-bottom prices, eventually encorperating it within the Koboi Labratories banner.
To this day, she has regestered more patents that any other fairy, except the centaur, Foaly...

Past Plots: With the 'help' of ex-LEP, Briar Cudgeon, Opal was the one behind the B'wa Kell rebellion. She disabled the LEP weapons, installed bugs in the Opps Booth and even charged the LEP for the cost, arming the goblins to the teeth with Softnoses. However, Briar betrayed her, and was fried by the plasma in the DNA Cannons at Koboi Labs. It was the perfect plan, and she would have suceeded if it wasn't for those idiots, Fowl, Short and that centaur...!
A year later, Opal sent herself into a coma, formulating a plan. She managed to clone herself and replaced the real Opal with the clone in the J. Argon clinic. She finally disposed of Root, blaming Short for the murder, then escaped. Opal found a Mud Man, Giovanni Zito, was building a probe to send to the Earth's core. It was a simple matter to mesmerise Zito into believing she was his daughter, Belinda, and planting a charge, to change the path of the probe into Haven. However, those Mud Whelps and Short managed to stop her, but for the last time!!

(( Hey, I hope this is alright! I'm new to doing Character Profiles like these, hope I did OK! There isn't really much about Opal's physical characteristics said in the books, as she's only in two, so I had to make some of it up myself. If there's already an Opal reserved, I'll change characters. Thanks! ))
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Artemis Fowl II

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PostSubject: Re: Opal Koboi   Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:18 am


welcome to the fowl fortune and your bio. is perfect

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Opal Koboi
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